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Apex® Awls

00581 Bit 0.0 Hand Driv.

Item Code: 071-AW-95

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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Apex® Awls

00585 Bit 0.0 Hand Driv.

Item Code: 071-AW-95-L

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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Apex® Awls

00587 BIT 0.0 HAND DRIV

Item Code: 071-AW-95-LL

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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Brown & Sharpe Precision Retractable Carbide Point Scribers

Retractable Carbide Point Scribers, Carbide, Straight Point.

Works like a pen to retract point and save pockets

Item Code: 137-599-777

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

In Stock 7

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Brown & Sharpe Precision Pin Vise Sets

Set Of 4 Pin Vises Codea.

Reduced handle diameter ensures easy rotation between thumb and finger

Handy, sure-grip tool holders feature a through hole in the handle for holding wires, taps, drills, files, scriber points and the like

Item Code: 137-599-790


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Minimum Multiple Quantity: 20

Channellock® Professional Round Awl Screwdrivers

Professional Round Awl Screwdriver, 3 In, Blue.

Corrosion-resistant nick

Useful tool for scribing metal, starting holes or punching and piercing applications

Rugged high torque acetate handle for superior grip and leverage

Features heat-treated alloy steel blade

Item Code: 140-AWL3A

Pack/UOM: EA (20-EA/CT)

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Channellock® Professional Hook & Pick Screwdriver Sets

4 Piece Professional Hook & Pick Screwdriver Set.

Corrosion-resistant zinc-plated finish

Useful for small fuses, wire plugs and "O" rings

High torque acetate handle provides superior grip and leverage

Custom heat-treated alloy steel blade

Item Code: 140-HP-4A

Pack/UOM: CT (5-EA/CT)

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Chicago Pneumatic Carbide-Tipped Stylus Points

Carbide-Tipped Stylus Points, 1.8 In, Carbide, Straight Point.

Designed for use with Air Scribe engraving pens

High-quality carbide tip for durable performance

Item Code: 147-P054177

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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Crescent® Scratch Awls


Item Code: 181-73

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools Fixed Two Point Scribers

Fixed Two Point Scribers, 8 7/16 In, Hardened Steel, Straight Point; 90° Point.

Use the straight point to mark bend lines for an air conditioning duct, or flip the tool around and use the 90 de

Double-ended design features one straight and one 90 degree point, offering a full range of both conventional and unconventional applications

Item Code: 318-80

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools Hardwood Handle Scratch Awls

3-1/2 in Scratch Awl Wood Handle.

Blade runs through the handle and is securely fastened to both the plated steel ferrule and the cap

Item Code: 318-818

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools Pocket Scribers

Pocket Scribers, 4 15/16 In, Hardened Steel, Straight Point.

Point reverses into knurled body for safety

Replaceable hardened centerless ground point

Item Code: 318-83

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools Replaceable Needlepoint Scribers

Replaceable Needlepoint Scribers, 5 5/16 In, Hardened Steel, Straight Point.

Four extra points stored under cap

Nork pattern scriber

Item Code: 318-84

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools 3-Piece Probe Sets

3-Pc Probe Set W/3Heat Treated Configurati.

Item Code: 318-862


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General Tools Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Scribers

Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Scribers, Tungsten Carbide, Straight Point.

Scribe point reverses for safety

Alnico permanent magnet for retrieving

Marks hard materials including hardened steel, ceramics, and glass

Item Code: 318-88CM

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools Double End Pin Vises

Double End Pin Vise Reversible.

Item Code: 318-90

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

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General Tools Swivel Head Pin Vises

Swivel Head Pin Vise.

Item Code: 318-92

Pack/UOM: EA (1-EA/EA)

In Stock 44

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